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Where can I get one of these beauties? AMAZING.


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Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This guy stood out to me straight away, that pink jumper is amazing, so bright and it goes so well with those Nike trainers. I love the fact he has rolled his trousers up as well, I think that tops the look off. Nice work sir.

I love this look. I hope I look this good in my white pants! I can always imagine I do anyway, it's all about the confidence ;) what amazing red jacket as well which is different, and those shoes are wonderful, I need to get myself a lighter pair of shoes as they look so good and go with endless amounts of things. 

So the other night I was bored and was reading about getting into the tailoring business, and most of the interviews with famous tailors said you definitely want to start out by getting some kind of apprenticeship. So later that night I must have emailed just about every designer and tailor on Savile Row asking if they had any, because you'll never know if you never ask. Today I had my first response from a lovely woman from Henry Poole & Co Ltd saying that at this moment in time they don't have any, but she recommended Newsham College as they have a tailoring course. I just had a look and they do have a few courses, I looked at the Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprentice course and it sounds amazing. The requirments to get onto
 the course are that you must have previous experience and some evidence of your interest in making garments. You are expected to demonstrate your commitment to working in bespoke tailoring. These are fairer than the other places I've looked, but yet again I don't have any experience at the moment. My problem is I don't know where or how to get any experience. Maybe I will have to start learning how to sew at home, learn all the different styles etc which will take forever but it'll be worth it (I don't even know how I'd learn them) and then try and make some of my own things if I was up to it, then try and get a job at a smaller place around closer to where I live and then apply for a course or apprenticeship.


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Monday, 30 July 2012

I've seen hundreds of photos of this man but I never knew his name. I just came across this video and I've already fallen in love with him. He's so relaxed and cool and knowledgeable and just everything! what an amazing guy, I would love to meet him!

I'm starting to see a lot of jackets similar to this now, and I have no problem with that because I simply love the style. I can't seem to find them anywhere to buy though.

I would love a pair of these for the coming winter, but I'd wear them with better shoes than those!


I've fallen in love with double breasted jackets, they don't always look good but on the right people they look amazing. I love this jacket specifically because of the pattern and the lining on the inside, a great contrast to his white trousers and the outer pattern of the jacket.

Golden Lining

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

This is a little preview of what I have to come. A sneak peak of my new jacket, shoes (1/2 a size too big!!) and tie & belts....just need to wait for my shirts and trousers to come now. I'm so annoyed about my shoes, I didn't know what size to get so I bought size 11 but I think they're 1/2 a size too big and they don't do half sizes so I can't get a smaller pair :( I don't know if they look too big on me or not either, but I'm keeping them so if they look to big then I will just have to look like a clown for a while ;)

Coming Up

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Friday, 27 July 2012

I love this guy, just look at his dress sense. I'm lovin' his shirt and shorts, and the shoes are amazing! I'm not sure if he added the white pattern to them himself but it totally works.

I've not always been interested in fashion. I'm not one of those people who grew up reading Vogue magazines and were designing their own outfits at the age of 10, but then again I don't think many men who are in the fashion industry now were either.

When someone mentions the fashion industry - rarely that they do - or when I think of the fashion industry I use to always think of the stardom and amazing lifestyle that I had seen on the television and in films; going to exclusive parties, sitting on the front row at fashion shows and being around people who look amazing all of the time. I believe that's a big reason in why I started to develop an interest in fashion and why I wanted to get into the industry. I saw it as another world, a new lifestyle and a much better one at that. This was all starting to happen at the beginning of my teenage years, and since then I've always wanted to somehow break my way into this new exclusive world. I've always known how incredibly hard it is to get a name for yourself though as there's so many people to compete with so that always put me off and I never thought I would have a chance. When I saw young talent on the TV or on the internet they all had portfolios of their own designs, they had made trousers, jackets, shoes etc and I've never touched a sewing machine! When I've looked at degrees to do with fashion at university they all ask for a portfolio of your best work and I've never done anything to do with fashion really, so it does in fact look like you need to be one of those people who were creating their own outfits at the age of 10. Where would someone even learn to create a pair of trousers, or even design them! but that's of course if you take the university route, which many people obviously don't. 

I've always wanted to have a go at designing my own clothes, and when I've seen programs and documentaries about tailors on Savile Row or anything similar it totally inspired me and that gave me a feeling of wanting to do that for a living. The whole idea of making clothes you've designed with high-end fabrics and then being able to make a living from that just exited me. Meeting like-minded people, meeting celebrities and over time building up a reputation for yourself would be amazing. I looked at University courses to get into this career but they all - or just about all of them - ask for a portfolio of your best work, which I don't have so that was a big fat no already, and you must also have certain qualifications like a grade A in GCSE Art & Design which I do not have. I could have actually done Art & Design at school but I didn't think I would ever need it or use it so I did something else which turned out to be a waste of time, despite coming out with the top grade. I've then looked at internships with famous tailors, but they all require yet again a portfolio with some kind of experience, so again, that road is blocked. It just looks like I will have to find another road to go down.

Then it hit me, since I've always been interested in photography I thought that if I couldn't be a top-end tailor, perhaps I could be a world-famous fashion photographer, but after looking through magazines and online I thought that a lot of the studio work looked the same and that put me off. However, one day I somehow came across a mini-documentary about the man behind The Sartorialist, or Scott Schuman to you and me and that's when I discovered street style photography. I was completely blown away by his work, and the idea of approaching random people on the street exited me as I love meeting new people. I decided that this is what I wanted to do and I was sure of it! the only problem being that I had just sold my DSLR as I never used it at the time, boy do I regret selling that now. I thought this would be a relatively easy road to go down as well because you would simply just need to set up a blog and post your photos, but after thinking about it I was actually quite scared of setting up a blog because I had no idea how to really and to create a fan-base as big as Scott's would be almost impossible. Another reason which put me off a little bit was that where I live I'm surrounded by farmer's fields, I'm not fortunate enough to live in a city like London or New York or Paris where there's millions of people to pick from. The people in the nearest towns dress horribly, you wouldn't believe it! and the nearest cities are the same really, well I say city, it's just a 'large town' really. So it looked like I wouldn't be a photographer, or not in the near future.

Another thing is that I've always been worried - I still am - of not knowing enough. Who are the best fashion designers, what shows are coming up, knowing what to wear this season, how to dress like the people on the catwalk but at an affordable price and just general stuff like that.

To sum up what I've just blabbed on about for no particular reason, I think the earlier you start getting into fashion and start designing your own clothes or the earlier you learn how to make your own trousers etc then the easier it's going to be to break your way into the world of fashion. You could always just 'know the right people' but the chances of  being good friends with any powerful people in the fashion industry is so slim, you've probably got more of a chance at winning the lottery ten times - if that happened I'm sure you could just buy yourself into the fashion industry. I know it's not too late for me, or even if I was twenty or thirty, but the older you get when you've got no experience behind you then the chances of becoming known in the fashion industry just get slimmer and slimmer. I've set up this blog and I have another one on Tumblr but these aren't going to make me well-known or make me any money, I won't be able to live off of these....but that's not the reason behind them. Sometime though I just feel like I'm wasting my time, but I know to just stick to it and hopefully I will build up a small fanbase :)

I must honestly say that I didn't even notice that this was a Hello Kitty design until I looked at it for a second time. Amazing jacket. Love the floral/Hello Kitty design!

Hello Kitty Jacket

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

When I saw this shirt I made some kind of weird noise out of pure excitement. This has to be one of the greatest shirts I've ever seen.

This jacket is amazing, I absolutely love the design and the tie is great too!

I was just having a look at the Richard Nicoll Spring/Summer 13 collection and I saw this outfit. I am a huge fan of those trousers, they are so nice and they go really well with the black shoes!

Smile! haha for some reason he reminds me of Bill Cunningham purely because of that contagious smile he has. It's quite coincidental how the bottle top matches his laces and belt, or maybe he specifically buys that brand for that reason :P The white jacket goes really well with his light pink top, and I don't know if the laces are customary but they are a nice little touch to the whole look. The belt he's wearing is a great touch aswell.

Two superbly dressed men. The fella on the right though has nailed it! love the trousers he's wearing and his idea of tucking the tie into his bright white shirt is brilliant.

I've just ordered myself 4 new pairs of trousers, 3 new shirts, some new shoes and a nice tie! some photos will be up as soon as they come :)

My hat is off to both of these men, I love both of their jackets! I still need to find a suitable jacket for myself, I think the jacket on the left would be suit me better but you never really know until you try these kind of things on, the jacket on the right could possible look better on me, who knows?!

Whilst looking at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013 show report I saw this outfit and I love it, so I've tried to recreate that, here is my interpretation of it. I couldn't find a similar jacket so I changed the style of that a bit, but I prefer it actually.

Bellfield Slim Chinos: £30 ASOS


Total Cost = £331.50

This outfit from Filippo is one of the best I've seen so far this summer. Those trousers are to die for and that shirt is great! Everything works so well.

Walking Van Gogh

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I personally love everything each one of these gentlemen are wearing, but my favorite outfit has to be the one on the third to the right. I adore that jacket and those shoes, as you might know I love patterns and floral prints and if you look closely at his tie it seems to be some kind of black and white pattern which goes really nicely with the rest of his attire. I'm not too keen on his glasses though, I'd personally go for something a bit different but everyone has their own taste! I wish I had a group of friends that shared my interest in fashion and dressing well, do you think these guys would mind me tagging along with them? ;)

This is a little collage I just put together. It includes some of my favorite outfits with patterns I've seen over these past few days.

So I've just finished watching Bill Cunningham New York and wow, what a guy and what an inspiration! He must be one of the most dedicated and one of the happiest people I've ever seen in my life, yet he lives in a tiny apartment and dresses like a Parisian binman. It just goes to show that in order to be happy, you don't need a lot of material things. I've taken a lot of notes during this documentary as there's much to learn from this man, not just in terms of photography and fashion, but from his outlook on life and the way he has lived his. If you've not seen this before then I'd highly recommend it.

“If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do. Money is the cheapest thing. 
Liberty and Freedom are the most expensive.” - Bill Cunningham

"Who the hell wants a kitchen and a bathroom, just more rooms to clean." - Bill Cunningham

"You went out last night, nobody wrote about it. Do you exist?" - Unknown

"I eat with my eyes." - Bill Cunningham

"If we all went out looking a slob like me, it'd be a pretty dreary world" - Bill Cunningham.

"I'm not interested in the celebrities with their free dresses. It's the clothes, not the celebrity, and not the spectacle." - Bill Cunningham

"He who seeks beauty will find it." - Bill Cunningham

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”- Bill Cunningham

This man has done well to find such a nice jacket and waistcoat. A very casual look but it could easily be changed by adding a shirt and some trousers instead of those jeans. 

Here's a quick outfit I just designed. I decided to leave out a jacket as it's summer, who wants to be wearing a jacket in summer?

1970s ‘Littlewoods’ blue & red paisley print vintage tie: £6 ALEXANDRA VINTAGE

Slim Fit Suit Trousers in Indigo: £30 ASOS

Ben Sherman Qewy Brogues: £75 ASOS

Total Price: £136

I really love this man's glasses! I had a long search to try and find a similar pair and this is the closest I could come. They don't look that dark there but once you're outside I think they'll be way darker!

Highland Park glasses: $24 GIANT VINTAGE

Ohhhhh the things I'd do to get myself a pair of these! unfortunately I can't find them anywhere :(

My outlook on fashion has completely changed over the past few months and I've realised a few things whilst going through my transition. Some people see fashion as a way of showing your wealth, but that couldn't be further from the truth really. I know that historically it has meant that but in today's day and age that's not the case, simply because there's so many places now where you can find affordable clothes. If you can't afford a £100 shirt then all you have to do is look around for a while and you'll find an almost identical shirt for half of that price, maybe even less. The same goes with any piece of clothing really. Just because something costs £100 or even £1000 in some cases, that doesn't mean the person is buying it so they can show everyone how much money they make, they are buying that item because of it's high-end quality and because they love it. Fashion is all about expressing your inner-self and showing your identity, not wealth. You shouldn't care what other people think, wear what makes you feel amazing. If people laugh at you for doing that, well, that says a lot about them. 

I was genuinely lost for words when I saw this. Why? well just look for yourself. This is pretty much the exact same outfit I've been planning in my head and to see it on somebody is, well, just amazing. I've found the correct shirt (see previous posts)....now I just need to find some trousers to go with it, similar to these ideally. This man is a walking masterpiece.

Red Floral

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Monday, 23 July 2012

I discovered a great little boutique online and found these beauties, they are wunderbar!




Where can I get a pair of these? they are soooo nice!

Somebody please buy me this tie, it has no faults at all. 

Blue Purple Fusia Floral Silk Tie: £40 Soprano Ties

Just a quick photo of me enjoying this gorgeous weather!

If you're going to dress well, this is how you do it! I see he's put on a pair of canvas shoes to make the whole outfit a bit more casual, but even so he still looks like he owns the place. The shirt -for some reason that's my favorite style of collar -  and trousers would look respectable on their own but by adding that tie - which I'm now completely in love with - the jacket and those shoes he's managed to add that extra bit of 'icing' to the whole outfit. Great work sir.

The post was actually worth opening this morning. My train tickets finally arrived and the Autumn edition of the H&M catalogue came which was a nice surprise, I've already seen one or two things that I might get....we'll see :)

p.s. you'll never find me!

This is one of the best looks I've seen so far this year from Martin Hansson. I really need to get some shoes like those!!!

Easy Street

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

After finding the Paul Smith Floral Shirt collection and seeing the price of them, I had a look around and managed to find a great place online to get vintage paisley shirts and floral print shirts for a lot cheaper. These are my two favorite designs and I'm now trying to decide on which one to buy. I'd say that the red shirt is more appropriate for the current season so despite loving the black shirt, I think I'll be buying the red floral shirt which will go perfectly with a pair of white trousers.

Black Paisley shirt: £25.99 CX LONDON
Red Floral Print shirt: £25.99 CX LONDON

For some reason I've lost my appeal for t-shirts recently, but I love this design and I really really want it.

These are the latest items on my list, I think I'll order them soon ready for my trip to Manchester. I will get a photo up of me wearing them within a week or two along with some other stuff!

Brogues: £55 ASOS
Floral print shirt: £22 ASOS

I think those glasses are great, they would go perfect with a blue and white floral shirt and perhaps with some white trousers and black shoes.

Everything about this look is perfect really and the bag just completes it.

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