So the other night I was bored and was reading about getting into the tailoring business, and most of the interviews with famous tailors said you definitely want to start out by getting some kind of apprenticeship. So later that night I must have emailed just about every designer and tailor on Savile Row asking if they had any, because you'll never know if you never ask. Today I had my first response from a lovely woman from Henry Poole & Co Ltd saying that at this moment in time they don't have any, but she recommended Newsham College as they have a tailoring course. I just had a look and they do have a few courses, I looked at the Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprentice course and it sounds amazing. The requirments to get onto
 the course are that you must have previous experience and some evidence of your interest in making garments. You are expected to demonstrate your commitment to working in bespoke tailoring. These are fairer than the other places I've looked, but yet again I don't have any experience at the moment. My problem is I don't know where or how to get any experience. Maybe I will have to start learning how to sew at home, learn all the different styles etc which will take forever but it'll be worth it (I don't even know how I'd learn them) and then try and make some of my own things if I was up to it, then try and get a job at a smaller place around closer to where I live and then apply for a course or apprenticeship.


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Monday, 30 July 2012

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