My outlook on fashion has completely changed over the past few months and I've realised a few things whilst going through my transition. Some people see fashion as a way of showing your wealth, but that couldn't be further from the truth really. I know that historically it has meant that but in today's day and age that's not the case, simply because there's so many places now where you can find affordable clothes. If you can't afford a £100 shirt then all you have to do is look around for a while and you'll find an almost identical shirt for half of that price, maybe even less. The same goes with any piece of clothing really. Just because something costs £100 or even £1000 in some cases, that doesn't mean the person is buying it so they can show everyone how much money they make, they are buying that item because of it's high-end quality and because they love it. Fashion is all about expressing your inner-self and showing your identity, not wealth. You shouldn't care what other people think, wear what makes you feel amazing. If people laugh at you for doing that, well, that says a lot about them. 

What Fashion Stands For

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


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